EMC Europe 2023 Krakow
International Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility
September 4 - 8, 2023, Krakow, Poland



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EMC Europe

EMC Europe history

The EMC Europe, the leading International Symposium on electromagnetic compatibility in Europe, continues the long tradition of independent regular international Symposia on EMC organized in Europe in: Wroclaw (20 editions since 1972) and Zurich (20 editions since 1973) as well as European Symposia organized in Rome (since 1994) and then in Brugge, Sorrento, Eindhoven, Barcelona and Hamburg. Those three symposia were running every second year.

International Wroclaw Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility was the oldest European conference dealing with EMC subject. Since the beginning all meetings have been taking place in Wroclaw every even year. They were giving a chance for discussion and experience exchange between "the West and the East", and in time they led to integration of the European scientific community.

In 2010 we met in Wroclaw for the 20th time to open a new chapter in the EMC Conference history in Europe. A real integration of the European countries and electromagnetic compatibility research community has taken place. After 38 years, the Wroclaw Symposium was completing its mission.

Those International EMC conferences organized in Europe had been merged in 2010 into EMC Europe - the International Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility. EMC Europe is organized annually in one of a European city with EMC scientific center to provide an international forum for the exchange technical information on EMC.

The first joint EMC Europe was organized in Wroclaw in 2010. Next were held in York (2011), Rome (2012), Brugge (2013), Gottenburg (2014) and Dresden (2015). The symposium organized in Dresden was the first one Joint symposium of IEEE International Symposium on EMC and EMC Europe Symposium. The second one was organized in 2021 in Glasgow. ,
In 2016 EMC Europe came back to Wroclaw and in 2019 to Barcelona and in 2020 to Rome and in 2022 will come back to Gothenburg. In 2017 EMC Europe was organized in Angers and in 2018 in Amsterdam.

EMC Europe become the biggest conference dedicated to EMC in Europe.

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